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Appointments : Initial Exam

Initial exam

What to expect at your first appointment

At Partrick Orthodontics, your first appointment with us is free!  Ou fist meeting will be in our consult office where you will meet your orthodontic assistant and Dr. Partrick.  Dr. Partrick and the assistant will ask you a few questions, like “What is it about your smile that you want to change?”  If you’ve brought some X-rays from your dentist, she will look at those.  Then she will look at your teeth and potentially measure your teeth or jaws.  Dr. Partrick will then give you details about your teeth including her impressions.  She will talk to you about whether or not you are ready to start orthodontics.


We can file your insurance for you to any insurance company.  We are providers for Dental Dental and Metlife Insurance companies.  Do not worry if your insurance provider is different from these two companies.  We can help you find out what your insurance company offers for orthodontic coverage.


We accept all major credit cards and can automatically draft your checking account if you choose that option. Click here for more front desk information   Also, if your parents or siblings have been patients at Partrick Orthodontics, we offer discounts.  There is also a discount for payment in full at the start of treatment.