Partick Orthodontics
Appointments : Records


We have an appointment we call the “records” appointment.  It is the appointment where we do most of our photos, X-rays and measuring.  You may have X-rays that your dentist took of you and we would love to see them, if we haven’t seen them before today.  If you don’t have any X-rays, don’t worry, we’ll take them today in our office.  We will also make some “impressions.”  If you haven’t had impressions before, it’s a process that we use to make casts or molds of your teeth.  We want to see what your teeth look like when you’re not in our office and having casts helps us measure your teeth after you’ve left the office.  Many people say impressions are like Jello.  The impression substance firms up a little while in your mouth and then the impression is taken out of your mouth.  You’ll also have some photos taken during this appointment.  We take photos while you have your braces on as well.  These photos are fun to look at after you’ve had your braces taken off because everyone’s always excited at how great they look!