Partick Orthodontics
In the Office

In the Office

  • Our location is central to the inner beltline, at the intersection of Lake Boone Trail and 440.
  • We want to make scheduling appointments easy for you.  You can contact us by phone, email or text messages – or whatever else is easiest for you.
  • As a reminder, we do contact you before your appointment and give you an opportunity to reschedule if necessary.
  • To make your life easier, you can schedule appointments online as well as make payments online.
  • We can submit your insurance claims for you.  We can also help you determine how much of your treatment is covered by insurance.
  • For entertainment, while you’re here in the office, we have WiFi, games and iPads for you to use.
  • We want kids to be kids.  We have a separate room where kids can play comfortably.
  • There’s a coffee bar at the reception desk.  Hopefully this helps parents and drivers enjoy their time in our beautiful lobby.  Patients shouldn’t be the only ones enjoying their time here!
  • We reward patients for good hygiene – don’t forget to ask how!
  • While you’re a patient at Partrick Orthodontics, we offer free mouth guards to protect our patients’ teeth.  We encourage all children (and adults) while enjoying strenuous activities, sports or games to wear mouth guards even if you’re not wearing braces.  Injury to the teeth is a leading cause of emergency room visits for children.
  • We want you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!  Check out our photos on Flickr and new updates!!
  • Keep an eye out for our Patient Appreciation Day!  We want you to put it on your calendar so you can join in on the fun!!