Partick Orthodontics
Who Gets Braces?

Who Gets Braces?

You do!  Both adults and young people are patients at Partrick Orthodontics.  Age is not an issue, we have lots of adult patients.

Almost anyone can have braces.  We can help you plan for your goal of a beautiful smile.  It’s never too late to get started.  If you’ve been referred by a dentist, great.  If you’ve come on your own, excellent!

For kids, optimally, we would like them to come in as early as 7-8 years old.  We will do an exam and advise you if they are having any noticeable problems with growth or any dental concerns suggesting your children might need braces early.  If they need more time to have more permanent teeth come in or to grow more, we’d like to see them in our Pre-orthodontic Program, free of charge.

Between the ages of 10-12 years old, most children are ready for braces.  The perfect time varies for every individual.  Because patients at these ages are still growing and grow at different rates, not everyone is ready at a certain age.  Many young people may still have “baby teeth” otherwise known as primary teeth.  We welcome patients with primary teeth.  We will monitor growth of the teeth and the skeleton to make sure they’re progressing normally (in the Pre-othodontic Program).

You’re never too old for braces.  Even people in their teens can still have braces.  There are many reasons why someone might not be ready to have braces when they’re 11.  Maybe you were not ready to do it “when everyone else was,” and have decided to wait a little while.  Many of our patients decide to wait until high school or even college to get started.

We welcome and encourage adults at Partrick Orthodontics.  Adults are fantastic orthodontic patients!  Maybe you’ve never had braces and want to improve your smile?  Maybe you’ve already had braces, but may have had some teeth shifting or crowding?  We can help with these concerns.  No one has “aged out” of braces.  You deserve a wonderful smile at any age.